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#BlackMenHeal Yoga

Welcome to the realm of #Blackmenheal yoga classes, where transformation meets the mat. Get ready to step up and experience the raw energy of our beginners' yoga sessions, specially designed for men of color and those who ally alongside of us. These classes are exclusive, because we're all about keeping it safe and tight. While we don't play favorites—we're open to anyone coming onthe  journey. If you'd like to donate, keep scrolling! 


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What is #BlackMenHeal Yoga


How can I help?

Anything helps. While each seat cost $22, your prayers and well wishes work just as big. Please send all donations to $BlackBoyJoyFest (CashApp) and title it #BlackMenHeal. You can also donate via paypal by clicking here.


We foresee #BlackmenHeal Yoga being housed under a non-profit organization. But, soon come. 


How to gift a seat to a black man you know personally.....

We've had many people ask how they can donate a seat to a special black man in their lives. Here's how you can: 

  • Send a cashapp to $BlackBoyJoyFest of $22 and include the name of the black man. 


  • Send me a personal message or complete the form below to let me know that you've sent a donation with the name of the recipient. 


  • I'll send you the registration form (it's an eventbrite link).


  • Gather their information and complete the registration form. 

We'd love your help. Message us with any questions. 

Thanks for submitting!

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