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Listen, you deserve rest! Not sleep, but rest. While sleep is critical to being whole, rest has to do with your entire being and not just your body. As I prepare for vacation this upcoming week, I’m praying that rest will find me. That rest will find us.

If you’re anything like me, you’re always downloading information, both good and bad. Oftentimes you’re left with lingering thoughts of the what if and what now? Wheeeew chile…..I don’t wish this brain stimulation on anybody.

Regardless of what life throws at me, I’m still in control of how I respond and how well I care for my body. It’s hard navigating this adult life and remaining healthy.

I actually want my money back.

In efforts to find wholeness, please check out this list of 10 ways we can begin to build rest into our routines:

  1. Sit Quietly, Meditate, or Pray. If you know me, you know my faith is huge. Whether you subscribe to Jesus or not, take a moment to get quiet. It’s important you train your spirit to receive guidance, as this only takes place through moments of silence and prayer.

  2. Turn off all notifications. Listen, this is self explanatory. Get into the habit of putting your phone on silent mode for certain periods of time.

  3. Treat yourself. Of course this needs to be done in moderation, but reward yourself for making it to the next day. It ain’t easy being us.

  4. Find a good read! Find a book that takes you there. Get in the habit of reading and quieting your mind to be present with the information you’re digesting.

  5. Work out. Working out is good for your energy levels and does amazing things to get your hormones balanced. Working out and other forms of physical activity can ease symptoms of depression or anxiety.

  6. Create a “To-Do” List. Having a list can help ease your mind! We usually feel frazzled and out of place when there’s no order or direction.

  7. Set Boundaries. Begin to learn where your boundaries are. What are you willing to accept and/or be flexible with regarding your well-being? Without boundaries, there’s no protection in place.

  8. Talk to someone you love. Let them know how they can help you, and remind them to just listen. Find a place where you feel safe. Hell, I love my therapist too.

  9. Carry yo tail to bed. No forreal. Go to sleep. While sleep is just a portion of the formula, it’s important that you’re meeting yourself with the proper amount of rest. Naps are for babies. Sleep is for grown folk.

  10. Learn to breathe. Remind yourself to take a deep breath and be present. Oftentimes we find ourselves in the “What If” as opposed to “What currently is.” Learning how to breathe and loosen our bodies will always help ease the pressure.

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