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LTS-1 “I’m sorry.”

I hope this letter inspires you to apologize to yourself. To think of yourself differently. To not just survive, but to give graciously to your soul.


There are moments where I’ve failed you for thinking that you would never get here. There’s a love inside of you that burns to serve the world, but not yourself. I’m sorry for that. I'm learning to love you better. There were moments that you believed, but instead, I smothered the flame. I'm sorry for that. You persevered and burned anyway. There were moments where I would give you just a portion, when I knew you deserved it all. I’ll handle you differently. I’m sorry for that. Forgive me for not trusting you and your heart. In its purest form, it transforms things. I’m sorry for that.

Attaching your being to nothing else, but self, you’re enough. I didn’t let you believe. I'm sorry for that.

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