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“New Beginnings”

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

What’s weird is I’m writing this at 12:22 on 10/22.

So I had to do like most spiritual folk and look up what the number 22 or 222 means. I went to google with a quickness and searched, “What does the Bible say about 222?” 😂🥲🤣 We got issues.

But I read that 222 is meant to represent the Holy Trinity or new beginnings. Regardless of what the numbers mean, I’m relearning how to trust God. It seems like it’s levels to this……..Drake did say that, although I doubt he meant it in the same context.

Thank you God for your grace on my life. Thank you for taking care of every need. Thank you for seeing me as your own even when I don’t deserve to be looked at.…..Which seems pretty hard because you made me looking like a fine piece of chocolate.

But anyway— thank you for allowing me to learn in this season. New beginnings and transition is exciting. Allowing you to show me that you are in all this is even better. There are no finances, no resources, no bonus things that could give me what you do. Even when I deserve the least, you give me the most.

Please give us a new identity in you. Show me who you need me to be in this next season. Keep your hand steady over my mind and heart.

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