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Wow, today it happened. I was let go of my dream job. Making what I would consider good money, doing what I love. It was tiring, but rewarding. There were moments that I hated, but way more moments that I cherished.

It was challenging, convicting, but everything that I wanted and desired in a position. If I was going to commit to anything, it was this. And I did. I worked hard, challenged myself, and even struggled through the initial feelings of hating my boss. But I persevered. We tend to do that when God is involved.

But what happens when the work is done in that season. What happens when he removes you from what you know? You just Simply trust him and move …..Right? I wish it was that easy.


NEGRO WHAT?! I’m not sure about you, but I have real reactions to God. But that’s another story. For another time.

I’m sure he meant unclench my fist so I don’t punch anyone. But maybe, instead, he told me to unclench my fist so I don’t hold on to something longer than necessary. We tend to do that.

Unfortunately, it can be jobs, relationships, routines, and a number of other things. You'll know it’s right when you have that unexplainable peace. That peace that allows you to be relieved, not angry. Relieved that Gods work in that season is complete.

I trust you God. I trust your plans for my life. I trust the images you show me. I trust the light within me. My love for things isn’t a burden. Being in relationship with you makes transition light. You keep me near green pastures. It really is greener over here. 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

Thank you for allowing me to unclench my fist. To unsee what my flesh sees and to feel what my spirit says. Thank you for allowing me to let go of my identity in this season while allowing me to hold on to my identity in you. It is you that keeps me steady. It’s you that keeps me tight.

Thank you for that steadfast love that reassures my purpose in this lifetime. Thank you for giving me time to get to know you again. Thank you for giving me time to get to know myself again.


Maybe rest isn’t tied to simply letting go, but getting acquainted with God and yourself in this new season of your life.

1 Peter 4:12

Jeremiah 17:5-27

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