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A mix between some travel tips + something to encourage you.


When I would tell people I was going to Mexico for a month they would always reply with, “How are doing this?” I’m not sure if it was their faith in me and my ability to carry this out or if they genuinely wanted to know how I was doing it. Regardless, the truth is, I just believed it.

Now I’m here in Mexico……for three weeks so far….getting to know God (and myself) in this season of my life. 🤦🏾‍♂️😒😩💪🏾🌱🥲

While my life is changing, my ability to create and dream still remains. DREAM PEOPLE! A week before I arrived, I felt like God was telling me, “Hey man, you get to dream. The goal is to align the will that I have for your life with the desires of your heart. You can’t do that unless you begin to desire and dream again.”

I was shocked, but I accepted this as confidence and planned my life accordingly. Before I knew it, I was on a train to DC so I could catch a flight the next morning.




So if you follow my instagram, you may have seen the part where I flew to Cancun for $110. Number one, consider flying places in the off season. For some reason, we only like to fly in the summer 🤨 why is that?

I’m from the 757 where flights from Norfolk cost $285 one way. So to minimize that cost, I began considering larger airports. ALWAYS CONSIDER OTHER AIRPORTS.

The closest and less expensive airports were in the DMV area. That alone opened up my options. From DC to Cancun, I found a flight through Delta for $110 (that included tax + and one carry on. I had to purchase a Checked bag upon my arrival to the airport for $30). Once I secured my ticket, the next step was finding transportation to the airport. I didn’t want to leave my car in the possession of someone else or pay the fee at the airport.


Next, I checked train tickets. Amtrak has the deals. Tell them I sent you.

The only issue I ran into was timing. Because I had a 9am flight, the only option was catching a train and arriving in DC a day earlier and getting a hotel. I checked trains and found one for $18. I waited and it eventually became $35 🙃 (story of my life).

Now remember, this was me arriving a day earlier, so the last task was finding a hotel. I went to and found a Holiday Inn that offered free shuttle service to the airport for $90! Always consider the amenities people!

You can see the details of what that process looked like by checking out this reel on my IG. I also show you what I did in DC until my flight ✈️ left the next morning.


Try to find a hotel with a restaurant or a bar. When you order, have them charge your room number. Whatever you spend will come out of the security deposit you pay.

Anyway, I hope this encourages you to dream and travel! Traveling this way allowed me save close to $90 while trading in some time to see the world a little more. I think that’s even!

Love y’all! 🌱✈️

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