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“Relationships You Can Relax In”

As life constantly changes, so do my desires.

Learning that I get to evolve without guilt is something that I duel with on a daily basis. While I know that life will never be perfect, I also know that ease will flow to me if I let it. One of the hardest parts about evolution is learning your relationships and how to function with healthy boundaries. Whether platonic or romantic, we deserve relationships we can relax in. What the world didn't tell you about growth is that your relationships will sometimes be affected because of it. As we learn new things and become better people, it's imperative that we rest in the truth. Things will always change. Oftentimes we feel isolated and lonely while being stretched. You and I both know that refining isn't easy. Sometimes, you have to sit alone. As I prioritize what matters to me most, my relationships and how they influence me is always top of mind. I love people. I'm called to them. But, I'm also called to myself.

With that, learning the power of placement has been a life changer. If you're like me, past trauma will force you to leave people behind as if they never existed. Instead, I've learned that relationships deserve a place. A level in your life, maybe.

Honestly, I want a return on my investment. Where do I need to put my time? Who do I need to be invested in? What are the characteristics of the relationships I want to invest my time in? These are the questions that I generally ask when evaluation needs to happen.

Regardless of what questions need answers, the point is that you get to choose as you change. Instead of letting people go, decide where they should be placed in your life. This will help with the trauma associated with people leaving the position they once held.

As seasons change, know that you get to change what's needed to maintain your peace. And not that you needed permission, but just know that you deserve relationships you can relax in.


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